Tampo de Bandolim em cedro do Canadá

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2 comentários em “Tampo de Bandolim em cedro do Canadá”

  1. Spyros Kanouras Says:

    Dear Daniel,

    four months have already passed since our nice meeting in Bulgaria. I hope that you’re doing well; I also wish you the New Year 2010 to be one of the best for you and for your beloved.

    During our stay in Gabrovo I had been impressed by your skills on doing fantastic musical instruments. This had been the reason I ordered a brand-new Mandolin that I’ll take when I’ll come in Portugal this April. As the time is running and only three months have to go, I would be very happy to learn news about the progress of its construction. Have you done any preparation so far? have you found perfect material for it?

    Again, I wish you all the best and look forward to receive your response.

    Kind regards,
    Spyros Kanouras

    Diopsis Consulting
    Thessaloniki, Greece
    Tel: +306972604838

  2. Manuel Beato Santos Says:

    gostaria de saber quanto custa um bandolim com Tampo de cedro do Canadá, e se os tem também com sistema eléctrico e qual o valor dele

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